Typeface, layout and asset design for a new children’s book, animation and merchandise, by the creators of Peppa Pig.

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Gig Posters

Posters for various gigs in Bristol, experimenting with new techniques to express a band’s sound visually. Sources of inspiration include the 80s hardcore scene, DIY outsider art, 70s school textbooks and almost obsolete printing methods like dot matrix, riso and mimeograph printers.



Storyboarding for Perspective Pictures, used in a winning pitch.


T Shirt Design

T shirt design for CHNGE x Barbie x Gurlstalk collaboration.


Logo Design

Logo design for Otter Otter, a plumbing firm.

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Logo for The Know, an alternative music magazine based in Bristol.


Logo and graphic for Dissprints, a new printing press.


Logo design for band, Heavy Lungs.

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Studio Photography

Destroyed items and key props from my film, Lesley Stonker

goodnharrywyld0189 copy .jpg
goodnharrywyld0189 copy.jpg


3D images to communicate design ideas to clients, created during my time at Fairground Fish, restaurant designers.

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HUTS 3 (1).jpg
HUTS 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 16.44.54 2.png
Huts 1.jpg


Examples of retouched product shots, the right hand column has been subtly enhanced.

0325414410022 VANS OLD SKOOL V STRAPS 040_9100.jpg
0325414410022 VANS OLD SKOOL V STRAPS 040_9100.jpg
0180408120062 NIKE ESENTIAL LS CROP WHT 010_1096839.jpg
0180408120062 NIKE ESENTIAL LS CROP WHT 010_1096839.jpg
after 1.jpg